make your own compost

Modify the composition of your slurry tank exactly, and add the necessary fertilisers to obtain the formula that your crop needs.




Works linked to the platform AgroXcontrol which is in charge of the analysis and control from the same tractor or truck of the FERTIFÁBRICA making it very practical and simple for the user, as well as making it cheaper to install as it does not require the installation of control rooms or booths.


FERTIFÁBRICA analyses the load of a tanker, obtaining its composition and once it is loaded, the user decides the final formula to be transported to the field, FERTIFÁBRICA taking charge of providing the chemical fertilisers until the formula is completed exactly. The final product is a chemical-organic fertiliser with a slurry base, which allows the fertiliser load of the slurry to be used to its full potential and also enhances the fertilising effect of the chemical fertilisers provided, as they are combined with the slurry to produce aggregates that increase the fixation and availability of the chemical fertilisers for the plants.

As an option, FERTIFÁBRICA can be supplied on a car trailer, which allows easy transport from one slurry pit to another once it has been emptied. It can also be supplied with its own generator set so that if there is no electricity available on the farm or near the slurry pit, the equipment is autonomous. FERTIFÁBRICA facilitates the long-distance transport of slurry, as when the transport is going to be more distant, the user can "load" the composition to take advantage of this transport, applying a lower dose in the field and, on the other hand, when we go to nearby plots, use lighter compositions. FERTIFÁBRICA can be purchased from any of the distributors of AGRO INTELLIGENT products, which can be found on the following web site Maximise the economic and agronomic performance of your slurry, providing the fertiliser units required depending on the crop, location and distance.

They come to visit us from Aragón TV

Thanks to the award of the innovation that we received at FIGAN, we had the opportunity to publicise our product FERTIFÁBRICA, in the reference programme of the agriculture in our land "El Tempero".


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