technology-oriented the improvement of the efficiency of manure produced by the pig sector in order to obtain higher value slurry added

General objective

Development of a novel set of transformation technologies to improve the physical and chemical properties of slurry in order to widen the range of crops where it can be used (crops with higher added value), as well as new forms of application and even to be able to transform it for transport to areas with lower livestock density.


To analytically determine the slurry composition before and after slurry treatment, and thus to know the desired yield and final composition.


Design of technologies for the treatment of slurry in non-surplus areas, using a combination of hydrocyclones to a grinding process to improve performance and to be able to recover the total slurry without prior separation.


Design of technologies for the treatment of slurry in surplus areas to achieve a more concentrated end product using different techniques.


Design of new fertilisers with improved physical properties from slurry.


Design of new nutrient-corrected fertilisers using slurry with improved physical properties as raw material.


Field application of the new fertilisers and monitoring throughout the production cycle.
Tecnología para la agricultura
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