What is AgroXcontrol?

Agroxcontrol is a platform for the control and assistance of the agricultural activity and among its multiple modules.

Agroxcontrol slurry allows in a simple and intuitive way to collect all the information of the slurry application process such as loading point, route, application plot, slurry richness, applied dosage, etc...

It also offers professionals valuable information to improve their slurry applications, such as the real applied dose of both slurry and nitrogen, in real time to improve their daily work. It also allows connection to the DARP for GPS control of livestock manure according to the latest slurry decree of the Generalitat (Autonomous Government of Catalonia).

Who needs it?

In general, all those who have a vat either for private use (on their own farm) or for work for third parties. The installation of the Agroxcontrol platform can benefit them enormously as it allows them to collect data very easily. They can fill in reports and declarations requested by the administration and it also allows them to improve their applications in the field as it informs them of doses and richness in real time. This allows a better application and valorisation of the slurry, until now treated as waste.

If you are also in any of the following cases it is MANDATORY that you have an automatic GPS communication system installed with the DARP from 5 January 2020.


1- All those carrying slurry more than 10 km from their holding (5 km from 05/01/2022).

2-All "service companies" that are neither the owner of the farm nor the owner of the land.

3- All trips that do not go to the parcel (management centre, incoming treatment).

4-All journeys from a vulnerable area to a non-vulnerable area.

In other words, all journeys should be communicated by GPS.


1- Trips made by livestock farm staff with their vat less than 10 km (then 5 km)

2-Travelling by a farmer (or his farm staff) to apply slurry to his plots within 10 km (then 5 km) with his bucket.

A case that deserves explanation is that of a farmer who takes slurry from one or more farms and applies it on his plots and on plots outside his farm. He is obliged to set up GPS communication for at least those trips, even if they are less than 10 km away from the farm.

What information does AgroXcontrol collect and what information does it transmit to the DARP?

Agroxcontrol collects the GPS position and the position of the installed sensors continuously to be able to generate information for the user on routes, times, distances, plot routes, etc...

We only send to the DARP the information required by the regulations (position of the origin, position of the destination, and N values) and we are prepared to be able to send more information if requested in the future without having to change equipment or electronics.

Am I always connected to the DARP?

No, you are NEVER actually connected to the DARP. You connect to our servers and they are the ones sending ONLY THE MANDATORY INFORMATION.

If I have it installed, am I obliged to send all trips to the DARP?

No, it depends on the situation you are in:

If for example you are the farmer and you apply with your bucket to yourself and other farmers you are ONLY obliged to report trips further than 10 km (then 5 km).

You can configure agroxcontrol to send to the DARP automatically or manually. The information that agroxcontrol gives you is very valuable both for the application and for the preparation of the Farm Book and the annual declaration, therefore you can not communicate to the DARP but you can use Agroxcontrol.

Do I have to install a conductivity meter in my tank?

If your vat is GREATER THAN 15M3Yes. It is foreseeable that this value will decrease.

Agroxcontrol is prepared to connect several sensors simultaneously and the conductivity meter is one of the most common.

If you already have a conductivity meter at the moment it is not compulsory to connect it to agroxcontrol or to another GPS communication system, but sooner or later it will be. For the moment you can manually set the value of your conductivity meter in agroxcontrol and we can surely study how to connect your conductivity meter to agroxcontrol for a small ticket.

Where can I get Agroxcontrol?

Agroxcontrol is marketed through dealers and distributors of recognised prestige who have received training and approval for the installation and start-up of the platform, some of them are Automotor, Agrícola Fargas, Vigerm (Vila) Oscagrim Solsona, Narcis Vert.

Who installs it for me?

The dealer is responsible for the installation and commissioning of the equipment.

What if it doesn't work for me?

The agroxcontrol team knows that for a professional a quick and effective response is essential, that's why we have a direct telephone assistance team, where you can directly solve doubts of operation, configuration, etc... from Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 13:00 and from 15:00 to 18:00.

You will also be able to get advice from the dealer if necessary.

What does it consist of?

When we install AGROXCONTROL PURINES in your equipment we will mount in the cab (no matter if it is a tractor or a truck) our AGROXTABLET with the software installed, data card (for internet connection), etc... and in the rear part we will install our AGROXSENSOR to which we will simply bring 12vcc and connect the sensors that you want to install.

How do I access the field data obtained?

Through our WEB application, you can identify yourself with your username and password and through any device such as a computer, tablet, mobile phone, etc. .... you can have full access to your portal.

What happens if I have more than one tank?

AGROXCONTROL is designed for all users, large and small. If you have different vehicles, simply mount an AGROXTABLET in the cab and it can be connected to up to 256 AGROXSENSORs, so the possibilities of combinations are practically endless.

How can I give the data to the farmers that I take out slurry and to the farmers that I apply it to?

Easier still, THEY TAKE IT OUT, you can create a personal login for each of them and they can access the platform, have access to the farms and/or plots that are linked to that user and download all the information they need.

I have a field notebook application, do I have to change it?

Of course NOT, just tell us the format they need (your supplier will send it to you) and you will be able to download the data for that supplier easily and simply from our platform.

Is the GPS guidance system that I have installed on my tractor, or the one that comes with my mobile phone, useful?

No, the DARP requires a fixed electronic device in the tank (which can even be sealed) to obtain the GPS position which is then sent to the DARP.