It analyses the slurry and, depending on its composition, can be combined with the irrigation programmer to fertilise each sector exactly.

Irrigation controller for your farm

The Irripurín in combination with the irrigation controller is responsible for controlling the slurry injection pump.
to inject a known quantity of fertiliser.
In addition, in combination with the irrigation controller, it is possible to trace which plots are irrigated by which irrigation system.
amount of slurry to comply with the law.

Operating diagram


On the farm it has to pass through a solids separator and is stored outside.

AgroXcontrol Irripurín consists of:

  • Controller for optimising slurry in irrigation.
  • Apply the exact fertiliser units in irrigation.
  • Analyse and select the type of slurry.
  • Calculate the exact dose of
    fertilisers for drip, top dressing and even pivot.
  • Traceability of slurry by parcel according to slurry legislation.


It goes to a tank of the liquid fraction, where we are going to analyse it and with a pump we are going to inject it into the irrigation network, passing first through a meter (to know how much we are injecting). (to know how much we inject).
Controls the analyser, pump, meter and coordinates meter and coordinates with the irrigation controller.
The system is suitable for sprinkler, pivot and drip systems. In addition, the Irripurín can be connected to the internet for control and traceability.

Award-winning product at SMAGUA 2021


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