the best conductivity meter on the market

With the new slurry regulations in Catalonia,
You are ALREADY obliged to install a conductivity meter at

Simply select the type of slurry to be applied ( bait, mother, dairy cow...) and TESTER PURINE analyse the slurry during transport.


We want to make your life easier

+ Production

We promote the value of local compost, favouring the circular economy.

- Expenditure

You get an economic and environmental benefit in a very simple way.

+ Sustainable

Know in real time the composition of the product you are applying and modify it during the trip.

Select the type of slurry


During the journey, your composition is analysed...

Optional products

slurry boosting

Substantial fertiliser utilisation ANALYSE YOUR PURINE in real time and apply the perfect dose for your plot.

Apply and control the correct dosage of your slurry, adapted to the advance of your tank, so that you get a perfect application.


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